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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements  

Each student and parent should be aware of the student’s accumulated credits, including any previously failed required courses that must be made up in Summer School.  Grade levels and graduation are determined by the number of credits earned, not by the years of schooling.  As a general rule, one credit is awarded for each class that a student successfully completes. 


Credits– A student must earn 23.5 credits including a minimum of 4 credits of English, 4 of math, 4 of science, 3 of social studies, 2 of foreign language, 1.5 of health and physical education, and at least 5 of elective courses.

Senior Project
– All seniors are required to successfully complete and pass the Senior Research Project and presentation as part of the Multicultural Seminar class.

Standardized Tests – Students are required to complete and pass all three Keystone Exams before graduation.