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PAL Card Program

Promoting Academics and Leadership (PAL)
In an effort to reinforce appropriate and trustworthy behavior and to reward those students who continuously demonstrate these positive behaviors, MACS has developed the PAL Card Program for deserving students.
A PAL Card gives students special privileges, including the right to dress down on the first Friday of each month and have prime seating at special MACS events and ceremonies.
A student may apply for a PAL Card as many times as he/she wishes by filling out the one-page application, available in the Counselor's office.  The application will be considered by the entire staff, and students who fulfill the following requirements will be awarded a PAL Card:

1)  Conducts self in a respectful manner
2)  Treats others with respect
3)  Takes responsibility for his/her actions without blaming others or making excuses
4)  Follows all teachers' directions the first time
5)  Uses appropriate language at all times
6)  Works without disturbing others
7)  Is prepared for class
8)  Participates in class appropriately (takes turns, raises hand)
9)  Turns in quality class work and homework/Puts forth best effort
10)  Shows a positive attitude
11)  Demonstrates appropriate behavior during unstructured time
12)  Always adheres to the uniform policy
13)  Maintains passing grades for all classes
14)  Has excellent attendance
A PAL Card can be revoked by any staff member at any time if the student fails to live up to these expectations.