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Keystone Testing


What are they?
The Keystones Exams are end-of-course exams designed to evaluate a student’s academic proficiency in three subjects: Biology, Literature, and Algebra 1.

Who takes the Keystones?
All students are required to take the Keystone exams. 9th graders will complete the Algebra 1 and Literature exams at the end of their freshman year. 10th graders will complete the Biology exam at the end of their sophomore year. 
Beginning with the Class of 2023, all students will be required to score Proficient or better in all three exams in order to graduate. Students will be given several opportunities to take the exams if they do not pass the exams on their first attempt. 

When are the Keystones administered?
The Keystones are administered each year in December and in May.

For information about the Keystones, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website