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Truancy Policy and Procedure

Every time your child is absent, you will receive a notification. If a student exceeds 25 absences in a class, for any reason, he or she will fail automatically, regardless of grades achieved. This will be considered an administrative failure due to excessive absences.
In accordance with Pennsylvania state law, after 10 consecutive absences of unexcused absences, the student will be dropped from our school rolls. After three (3) "unexcused" absences, a warning letter will be sent home to the parent. After six (6) "unexcused" absences, a mandatory attendance improvement meeting with be scheduled with the Dean of Students. If the student's attendance does not improve after the attendance improvement meeting and reaches ten (10) "unexcused" absences, Truancy Referrals will be submitted by the MACS Attendance Liaison to the Office of Attendance and Truancy, Truancy Court, and/or the Division of Human Services (DHS), which will result in a summons to appear in Truancy Court.
This policy is in accordance with and mandated by State Law. For a more detailed look at the truancy policy, please refer to the document below.