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Whether you are a recent MACS graduate or one of the first to receive a MACS diploma, I am glad you stopped by our website!

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After more than 20 years of serving the young people of Philadelphia and providing a high-quality high school education to our students, MACS is endeavoring to reach out to our graduates and invite you to re-establish or increase your connections with your alma mater.  Although MACS is a small and relatively young school, we have much to be proud of.  Of all of our great points of pride, we are proudest of YOU, our graduates.  


Today, the young men and women who rose to the challenge of first surviving, and ultimately succeeding at MACS are found across the country, working in a wide range of rewarding careers, as well as in the classrooms of top colleges, universities, and graduate schools.  Easier paths existed for you when you chose MACS, but your personal drive, self-discipline, and perseverance through your years at MACS set you on a course of opportunity that you have seized and made the most of.  We hope that you are as proud of how you grew and what you accomplished at MACS as we are to call you our graduates.


As the number of our graduates continues to grow, MACS sincerely wishes to develop a strong network of our alumni.  As we reach out to you to help us with this, we ask that you reach out to your fellow MACS alumni, and that you help us build the spirit and legacy of MACS that your lives and your careers represent.


As a MACS graduate, please know that you are always welcome at MACS and that we value you as a member of the MACS family.  Don't be a stranger!  Stop by and see us!





Jim Higgins

Chief Executive Officer