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Uniform Guidelines

We suggest that you refer to the Student Handbook for full guidelines of our uniform policy.  The following is just a small sample of what is expected:
Male Student Overview
Female Student Overview
  • Taking off the blazer on the school premises without a staff member’s permission is a violation of the dress code. The blazer must be worn in the hallways at all times.
  • Sleeves of the blazer should not be rolled up at any time.
  • Males: Must wear the official MACS male tie, knotted properly and tied to cover the top button of the shirt
  • Females:  Must wear the official MACS female bow tie, adjusted to cover the top button of the shirt.  
  • An ID belonging to the student must be worn around the student’s neck at check-in time. At all other times, the student must be in possession of his/her ID and must produce it immediately when requested by any staff member.
  • Male and female students must wear a black belt at all times with the school pants.  
  • Hemmed (not rolled up) dress pants must be worn at the waist, not lower on the hips, with a black belt through the loops.  The hem of the pants must rest on the top of the shoes. 
  • Skinny, tight/form-fitting, long, or baggy pants are a violation of the dress code. 
  • The dress pants must be navy blue and must match the color of the school blazer.  There should not be any visible logos, tags, or extra pockets on the pants. 
  • Females may choose to wear the approved MACS skirt.
  • The skirt must be worn at knee length. Skirt length must range from no shorter than the top of the kneecap to no longer than two inches below the bottom of the knee.
  • Rolling the skirt, whether intentional or not, is strictly forbidden and will result in disciplinary action and/or the student being prohibited from wearing the skirt for the remainder of the year; instead, the student will have to wear school pants.
Shoes and Socks
  • School shoes must be solid black with no logos or tags.
  • Males: Solid blue or black socks must be worn.
  • Females: Solid (not sheer) blue or black knee-high trouser socks or stockings must be worn.
  • During winter months, boots may be worn to school but must be removed and placed in the student’s locker upon entrance to the school building. Boots and/or hi-tops are not allowed to be worn at any other time.    
Hair, Nails, Makeup, & Accessories
  • Hair should be neatly groomed.
  • Hats, head coverings/scarves are not permitted to be worn in school, except for religious reasons.
  • Headbands may not be worn on the forehead and may not be more than 2-inch in width.
  • Long, colorful natural or fake fingernails are not permitted. 
  • Only moderate, natural-appearing make-up is permitted while in uniform.
  • Only post earrings (no larger than a dime) are allowed, one per ear.
  • All other visible piercings are forbidden, including nose rings.
  • Excessive jewelry/bracelets/buttons are not permitted.