Alerts & Communication

AP Notify is Multicultural Academy Charter School's notification system. Using our existing database of contact information, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, school officials can send automated phone messages and e-mails directly to parents and guardians.  In addition to emergency notifications, the system is used to inform parents and guardians of various school events, important deadlines, and vital messages.  All messages are sent to the primary phone number and e-mail address on file with the Main Office.
Automated calls will be dispatched from the school's main number - (215) 227-0513. Text alerts will be sent using (215) 402-5266. Email alerts will be sent via [email protected]. We highly recommend adding all of these points of contact to your contacts in your phone and email account so you do not miss messages.

Families whose phone number or e-mail has changed or who would like to designate a different contact means as their primary contact should inform Mr. Foley at [email protected] or call the main office at (215) 227-0513.