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About Us

A public high school (Grades 9-12) founded in 1998, the Multicultural Academy Charter School (MACS) provides a safe and family-like environment where every child is given the opportunity to develop holistically and intellectually.

The rigorous curriculum of the school emphasizes academic achievement, multiculturalism, reading, writing, computer technology and the arts. In addition, community service is a cornerstone of the MACS philosophy.

While providing a standards-driven and strict, student-centered academic environment, MACS is distinctive in offering students the opportunity to take advantage of an extended school day (3:30 PM -5:00 PM); as well as character education with emphasis on dignity, respect, and responsibility; career counseling and exploration; and individualized instruction.

If you haven't already done so, please check out our student testimonial videos where you will hear firsthand from our students what being a student at MACS is really like.


It takes three key players to achieve a quality education.  The Multicultural Academy Charter School is made up of students, parents/guardians and educators.  If any of these fail, the educational process will not take place.  Therefore, all three are equally responsible.


The mission of MACS is to educate the whole child by providing a safe environment where students can learn and teachers can instruct while emphasizing the importance of parental involvement in the educational process.

Core Values

1) Maintaining rigorous academic standards will prepare all students for post-secondary education.
2) Maintaining strict discipline and a safe, well-ordered learning environment is integral to student success.
3) Celebrating and embracing diversity in cultures and individuals while sharing common values enriches the student experience.
4) Serving the community fosters student awareness of social responsibility and good citizenship.
5)  Viewing each student as an individual while educating and mentoring the whole child is essential to student success.


The vision of our school is to effect positive change in a multicultural society by developing well-rounded, highly educated individuals who embody the core values of MACS.