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MACS receives the Peer Leader award for their demographic for the 2nd year in a row.

Multicultural Academy Charter School has won the Peer Leader award for their Peer Group demographic from SPR. SPR stands for The School Progress Report which is an innovative tool designed to help support, respond to, and improve Philadelphia schools. The SPR reflects the school district's core belief that all students deserve to attend great schools and that the district must hold themselves to a standard of equitable educational excellence.

All Philadelphia high schools are split into 5 Peer Groups, grouping each of the city's 90-some high schools by demographic similarity and admission type classification to the extent they could do so. MACS is in Peer Group 3, grouped with 21 other high schools with similar demographic make-up Out of those 22 schools in this Peer Group, MACS scored highest on the SPR for 2016-2017 for the 2nd year in a row and was awarded the "Peer Leader" plaque to honor this outstanding achievement!

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