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MACS Will Start The School Year 100% Virtual

Dear Parents and Guardians:


Last night, the MACS Board of Trustees voted unanimously to begin the 2020-2021 school year with 100% virtual instruction, delaying in-person instruction until at least November.  Our Board will reconvene on October 29 in order to assess the current situation.  Attached is our school’s approved Health & Safety Plan for your review.  MACS administration, along with our Board, felt that there are simply too many unknowns about the risks of in-school learning during this pandemic.  With our enhanced technological infrastructure in place, and as a school serving only high school-aged students, we feel there is little reason to take any chances with the health and safety of our students and staff during what seems like a national science experiment with our schools.  Furthermore, with a tragically higher rate of serious COVI- related complications appearing in minority populations, we have no desire to be among the first to see whether in-person schooling in this environment is at all safe.


I hope you will be encouraged to know that we have been spending the summer greatly enhancing our virtual teaching capabilities and tools.  Unlike last spring, your child will be participating in a daily live broadcast of each of his/her classes, just as if your child were in the actual school building.  Every student will be provided with a Google Chromebook in order to ensure he/she can fully access all of the programming.  With these enhancements also come much higher expectations for full student participation as well as higher quality of student work. Our regular rigorous grading policy will be in effect.  We ask that you please ensure that your child understands that the work will be far more challenging than it was at the end of last school year, and the workload will be more like it was when students were attending in-person.  Additionally, we will have an afterschool virtual tutoring system in place for all learners who need it, as well as a very strong virtual support system to be able to service the IEPs of our Learning Support students.  


It is extremely important for each student to understand that academics will be very different from last spring because this time we are starting a whole new school year, not simply finishing one, and we must move at the same pace as we normally would.  We will have much more information for you soon, including when you can come in and sign out your child’s Chromebook and pick-up his/her roster.  Please be sure to continue to check your email regularly.


Finally, thank you to all parents who participated in our survey earlier this summer and for those of you who participated as part of our parent panel as we worked towards this important decision.


Take care and stay safe, 



Jim Higgins

Chief Executive Officer

Multicultural Academy Charter School

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